Our Consultants



Principal of Aga Khan School Bangladesh

Craig has thirty-one years of teaching experience working largely in the Victorian Government Education system in Australia. He has been a school leader as head teacher or Principal for more than twenty-five years. He has been working in International Baccalaureate World Schools in Australia, Angola and Bangladesh for the last ten years.

Craig is married to Helen and has three children who now work in different parts of the world. He is passionate about education and is a strong advocate for providing an education for all children. He sees the provision of low-cost private schools as an excellent means of providing access to education for children who would not otherwise have access to schooling.



Former teacher of International School Dhaka

Helen has been a teacher for 20 years and has worked in Australia for most of this time in the Education Department of Victoria. She is a trained Reading Recovery Teacher, a trained Literacy Co-ordinator and Oral Language Educator as well as being part of the Early Numeracy Research Project that underpinned the current numeracy program of Victoria. Helen has worked in International Baccalaureate World Schools in Angola and Bangladesh

Helen is married to Craig and has three children who are grown and independently pursuing their own careers. Helen loves working with children and has a passion for community and service. She enjoys working with teachers to improve the educational experiences for all students.



Eearly Childhood educator in Germany

Heike has been teaching for 16 years and received her original training in Germany where she is accredited as a specialist for Early Childhood Education. From 2004, Heike worked as a head teacher for the German section of SHAPE International School (SIS) at the European NATO Headquarters near Brussels, Belgium. She joined International School Dhaka as an Early Years teacher in 2012. Heike’s specialty and passion is teaching young children along a play- and inquiry-based approach.

Heike is married to Patrick Kalanu, who is also a teacher at ISD. When not teaching, Heike enjoys singing, reading, and spending time with her husband.



Teacher in Germany

Patrick has been an educator for over a decade, both in traditional classrooms and in non-traditional educational settings (such as being an Outdoor Education teacher for the YMCA in the United States or working as a private teacher for military families at the European NATO Headquarters in Belgium). Patrick holds a Master of Arts degree in Education and has in-depth knowledge of various national and international curricula and approaches to education. He is an accredited teacher in the United States and joined International School Dhaka as a 5th grade teacher in 2011.

Patrick is married to Heike Kloos, who is likewise a teacher at ISD. Patrick has avid intellectual interests and is a member of several national and international academic honor societies in the Social Sciences. He greatly enjoys music and the Arts.

Jo-Anne M Franks

Teacher in Albania

Jo-Anne is an early childhood teacher who has lived and worked for many years in Asia. Jo-Anne has a Bachelor of Learning Management/Early Childhood from Australia has worked in Australia as well as working in IB schools in China and now Bangladesh.

Jo-Anne successfully transitioned from a business operations and management background in Australia and Asia to teaching. Jo-Anne has two children who are also studying at the International School of Dhaka.

Linda and Greg 

Teachers in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam

Greg Robinson has worked as a teacher for the past 30 years. He says he is in education because he believes in it; not the other way round. He teaches Humanities at International School Dhaka. Linda has been a teacher in a variety of settings for the past 15 years. Today, she teaches English at International School Dhaka.

Linda and Greg believe in education as a source of social mobility – in whatever part of the world in which they find themselves. They applaud the advent and continuation of Solmaid Community School and will continue to be involved even after they leave Dhaka. Between them they have five adult children, all living and working in Australia.

Kristen Blum

Teacher in Mumbai India

Kristen Blum works as a 5th grade teacher at ISD. She has worked at international schools in Turkey and Japan and has been teaching for over 15 years. She is married and has a daughter in Middle School and is originally from the United States.

Kristen Blum is passionate about providing education to everyone and believes that money shouldn’t be an obstacle to learning and improvingyour life. She has worked to improve the lives of those less fortunate in the US and Japan and is excited to be involved in the Solmaid project here in Dhaka.

Lorna Farmer

International School Dhaka

Lorna has been an English teacher for the past fifteen years, and has worked in the UK for most of this time. She joined the Secondary School at International School Dhaka in 2013, and continues to enjoy teaching MYP and DP English Language and Literature.

Lorna has been involved in working with a number of local community schools in Dhaka over the years. Her work at Solmaid School is very much ongoing, as she is dedicated to helping marginalized students improve their future prospects.